Affiliated Organizations

The Mount Athos Foundation of America has strategic associations with a number of organizations which share various aspects of our mission:

Association of Friends of St. Grigoriou Monastery (Cyprus)

Association of Friends of Vatopedi Monastery

Friends of Mount Athos

Mount Athos Center in Thessaloniki

Supporters of Athonite and Monastic Medicine



Related Interest

MAFA recommends the organizations listed below which we believe will be of special interest to persons interested in Mount Athos. We encourage readers to contribute to this list by sending recommendations to

Athos Art Archive: a website overseen by monks from Simonos Petra Monastery, the Athos Art Archive collects, studies, and publicizes the history of Athonite print-making.

Athos Map Library: also overseen by monks from Simonos Petra, this blog is devoted to historic maps of the Holy Mountain.

Orthodox Arts Journal: an online magazine covering visual arts, music, liturgical ceremony and texts, and relevant art history and theory.

Markos Kampanis website of the eponymous accomplished contemporary Greek artist on Athonite monasteries.