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Russian Monks on Mount Athos. The Thousand Year History of St Panteleimon’s

Nicholas Fennell gives us the first comprehensive account in the English language of the thousand-year Russian presence on Athos, from very early monastic foundation known as Zylourgou to the “Russian House” to today’s St Panteleimon’s, including its 19th c. apogee and post-Soviet revival. Amongst the themes explored in the book are ethnic relations, the Pan-Orthodox ideal, the role of money and political pressure, sanctity and heroism in adversity, and the importance of historical memory and precedent. An invaluable resource for both academic historians and educated lay readers. It is complemented by a timeline, glossary, comprehensive bibliography, index, full-colour illustrations, and photographs.

Available in paperback in the United States from Holy Trinity Publications and abroad via Oxbow Books or soon from other booksellers. Two digital versions are also available when you click “Buy” via Holy Trinity Publications – paperback, Kindle (Amazon Ebook), and Epub (for other e-book vendors).

Exaltation: The Cross in the Land of Mount Athos

The new bilingual (Greek-English) publication by the Mount Athos Center entitled Exaltation: The Cross in the Land of Mount Athos, containing photographic material by George Poupis, has just been released. The publication contains the late lamented photographer’s photographs of the outdoor crosses that are to be found throughout the Athonite Republic. Each photograph reflects the photographer’s own unique perspective and, of course, his very personal aesthetic. All of the photographic material presented in the publication comes from the material that the photographer patiently and lovingly accumulated on each of the numerous visits he made to Mount Athos over the course of thirty years.

A beautifully written and beautifully translated essay by the Archimandrite Vasileios Gontikakis, the abbot of Iveron Monastery, entitled ‘The Cross (and the crosses) on Mount Athos’ accompanies the photographs, as well as a short text by the photographer himself. You can read more and order the book from the Mount Athos Center.


Scroll to the bottom of the Mount Athos Center page to order the book.

Encounters on the Holy Mountain

MAFA is the American distributor for this new Friends of Mount Athos book, Encounters on the Holy Mountain – Stories from Mount Athos, edited by Peter Howorth and Chris Thomas. Over 50 stories plus illustrations, maps, and more.

The first 100 copies of Encounters on the Holy Mountain will be sold at a discounted “contributors’ price” of $60 (including postage & packing). After, the regular price will be $65. Don’t miss this opportunity! Download the order form to put your order in quickly using the email address on the form.

What People Are Saying about The Encounters Book!

“Clearly a work of art and part of Athonite history now. It is heavy! Printed on very high-quality paper. My son will be more excited when he is older and I take him on a ‘visit’ to Mount Athos in a few years. The world needs this window into the Christian story. I have begun reading the many ‘Encounters’ stories that I hadn’t seen yet. Wonderful! And the photos!”

“Cordial thanks to all of you, fellow contributors, for your inspiring company across the pages. It was like an extraordinary walk across the Mountain. Deep gratitude to the editors and the publisher for their original concept, meticulous work, and exquisite layout.”

“Magnificent is the right word! Well done to the editors and the production team!”

“What an uplifting and humble record of the journeys undertaken over the years by pilgrims from all over the world who have visited Mount Athos, this unique peninsula of prayer, conservation, hospitality, learning, and peace, it is surely one of the most explanatory models for a future society.”

“The book has arrived, and what a terrific labour of love it is, from the cover to the design, from the photographs to the contents. It can’t help but glow with all the work and attention that has gone into it.”