Application Process

Online Grant Management for MAFA


The Mount Athos Foundation of America (MAFA) offers grants and scholarships to qualified individuals who must submit details through an application process in order to be considered a candidate. Currently, the application process is “manual” — the candidate downloads, completes and submits the necessary forms including any required recommendations from other individuals. MAFA is interested in making the application process easier for all involved by creating an electronic toolkit on its website to manage the process. This document outlines the features of an electronic solution.


Types of Users

The MAFA grant management system will need to support four types of users:

  1. Applicants – These users will create, edit, and submit an application online.
  2. Supporters – These users will upload a letter of recommendation on behalf of an Applicant.
  3. Committee Members – These users will review, grade, and comment on submitted applications.
  4. Administrators – These users will manage users in the system, edit forms, and do all functions of other user types.

Desired Functionality

Applicants must be able to:

  • Create/Manage a login account to begin the application process. The account is presumed to be private (i.e. password-protected) except for access by MAFA Committee Members and Administrators.
  • Create an application.
  • Enter information into the application through an online form (i.e. fillable fields).
  • Save and Continue edits to the application without loss of data from login session to login session.
  • Upload attachments as part of the application.
  • Electronically sign documents as part of the application.
  • Submit the application. This action notifies the Committee Members that the Applicant and application are ready and application review can begin.

Supporters must be able to:

  • Create/Manage a login account.
  • Upload a Letter of Recommendation. It is presumed that upload documents are not visible by the Applicant.
  • Associate the Letter of Recommendation with an Applicant.

Committee Members must be able to:

  • Be notified when an application has been submitted.
  • Access (read-only) the completed application for review.
  • Record comments and grades with an application. Such comments and grades would only be visible to other Committee Members and Administrators so that the review team can collaborate.
  • Communicate with the Applicant approving, denying, or looking for more information about the application.

Associated Documents