Grigoriou Mt Athos fire,

Appeal following fire at Grigoriou Monastery

We are pleased to report that the MAFA contributions toward the Monastery of St. Grigoriou Appeal helped the monastery replace some of the equipment damaged in the 2019 fire, restoring life in the monastery to normalcy. However, much remains to complete construction for the long term. As such, MAFA’s Grigoriou Appeal is still open. Remaining are the purchase of a modern 200 kw wood boiler to replace the last of the damaged equipment, and new construction to provide housing for the new electro-mechanical equipment and living space for engineers and workers employed by the monastery. The new construction projects are a critically important part of the overall project, positioned at a distance from the Monastery to protect it from any future issues and to facilitate quiet at the Monastery itself.

You Can Help

The cumulative result of many donations, large and small alike, will help us reach our goal of helping the Monastery recover from its loss.

Please donate to help the Monastery fully recover from this destructive fire.
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