Hospitality and Giving

A central aspect of Athonite culture is Philoxenia (hospitality). Throughout the year, the monasteries open their doors to all men. While most are Orthodox pilgrims seeking prayer, closer connections to their faith, or just a glimpse of this cradle of Orthodox Christianity, many are just visitors curious about this very unique place. Part of Athonite philoxenia is that the monasteries receive all men regardless of faith or nationality, no matter their reasons for coming.

A visitor to Mount Athos typically comes for up to four days and is received as a guest by a monastery for a night at a time. The guest is housed, fed two meals, participates in the prayer life, and explores the monastery during his stay at no cost. MAFA provides guests a way to give back to the Athonite Community in general in appreciation for this philoxenia.

While the foundation is Orthodox Christianity, the monastic community, in recognition of the fact that God created all people in His likeness and image, continuously prays for ALL of God’s 7+ billion people around the world and welcomes any man seeking to understand or just see the Athonite Community in a visit.